Workshop Wedding Cinematography

On 14 & 15 November 2017 we are going to give our second workshop Wedding Cinematography. This is a workshop focussed on how to make high-end story driven wedding films. To make great Wedding films you must take risks, dare to be different and have a lot of patience. 

In this workshop we will share you our approach, but we also look with a wider perspective on how to find your own style and create your own brand in this competitive industry.

In this 2 day course we will share a lot of knowledge, inspiration but also practice the techniques that we discuss. 

The workshop is built around the following subjects:

  1. The craftsman, the technical side, other ways to use a camera, how do we frame a scene, what does camera-movement do.
  2. The artist, filmmaking is art, how do we make our images stand out and have more meaningful impact.
  3. The storyteller, how do we approach story in general, and specifically a wedding story. 
  4. The editor, maybe the most impactful of them all, the edit can make or break a wedding film.

For who is this workshop

If you are a (wedding) filmmaker who want to step up their game, be different and find inspiration and new tools to tell the story of your clients, than this is your workshop. There is no quick way to learn this craft, but we hope to work with you and find your potential. There are no secrets, we will share anything from our workflow, from finding the right clients to deliver a great wedding film. After (and before) the workshop there it is still possible to keep asking questions in a private Facebook group and you get a private feedback session over Skype.

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What will you get

  • Two intensive days of growing as a (wedding) filmmaker
  • Great lunches are included!
  • A maximum of 10 participants
  • A safe place to ask questions and receive feedback

The workshop will take place on 14&15 November in a central place in the Netherlands, another workshop will be announced for March. 

The price is €795,- excluding taxes.*

*(if you live outside of the Netherlands and have a company tax nr, you can get a invoice with no tax added).