We make genuine authentic wedding films


We love marriage, we believe it's amazing that two people decide to be vulnerable and fully known for each other. To be faithful until death do us part. We want to tell that story over and over, because each time it is unique and completely different.


Our story

Hi, we are Gerbert & Erika Floor. Husband and wife photographer&filmmaker. We are the parents of Jozua & Zion, two wonderful kids who changed our life and made it even better! We love to travel together as a family, we enjoy the beach, wave surfing, a little adventure and a good movie or book with a glass of wine. 

What makes us different

Story first!

In our films we truly believe story should come first. It's not just about getting married, the preparations, saying yes, cutting the cake and the first dance. These are all important, but we also want to tell the story behind the wedding, why are you guys getting married, what defines your love. We use your vows, speeches or just the small and sweetest moments during the day to make this happen!



Great cinematography serves the story, our approach is minimalistic. We love handheld, we love working with natural light. We use small camera's that allow us to come closer without being noticed. We love lenses with character, we love a filmic look & feel. 

While watching we want you to feel as if you are there.