A journey of love - Wedding in Mumbai | India

This autumn we were asked to tell the story of Cameron and Jenny, two wonderful people who found each other in one of the biggest and most chaotic cities of the world and decided to get married there. And it was an amazing experience and adventure. A wedding we will never forget, so intense, full of love and joy. 

For us, it felt almost like two stories coming together,  the first is that two people who fell in love, despite a great distance and cultural differences. The other is the story of Mumbai, the largest city in India, filled with beautiful people. A city they both love and where they work to make a difference in the lives of many people.

It's a story of faith and persistence, where love ultimately wins. 

Be also sure to check out the photography by Erika: https://www.inbeeldmetfloor.nl/journal/destination-wedding-in-mumbai